at the Grey Lady (formerly the Down East Clam Shack)
77 Delancey Street
New York, NY 10002
(646) 580-5239

The Nor East Clam shack is a tiny little place on Delancey with a half dozen seats at the counter and a menu small enough that you could write it on the palm of your hand. It's the annex of the Grey Lady, right next door, which is a full on seafood restaurant. But for a casual quick lunch, hit up the Shack. They just opened a few days ago so are still ironing out some issues that they have (like not yet having a website), but it's worth going anyway.


Bro and I stepped in for lunch the other day and took two seats at the counter. The (very chatty) cook/server/only-guy-who-works-there says that he expects outdoor seating to come soon and maybe some beers, too. That would be nice. There's something about a hoppy beer that goes so well with New England food. Come fall, expect chowder and bisque to be on the menu, but, for now, it's sandwiches and a raw bar with clams and oysters. Bro ordered the Classic Maine Lobster Roll, which was made fresh in front of us and, while good by any measure, didn't break any new ground, was a little small and for $18 you're better off going to Luke's. My choice was the Downeast Fish Sandwich, a deep fried, beer battered piece of fish (I want to say cod) that was so good, I almost cried. Fresh from the oil it still wasn't greasy in the slightest. The beer batter was smooth, not gloppy and didn't overwhelm the fish, but rather instead helped it along. The fish, meanwhile, while just a simple white filet was butter-tender. With lettuce, tomato, onion, and a dab of tartar sauce, it's such a simple thing, but so good. At $12 it's slightly pricier than the Filet-O-Fish at McDonald's, but for the best fish sandwich I've ever had, hands down, it's worth the money. I want another one just typing this sentence.

It takes about ten minutes to make your sandwiches, so this isn't fast food. But, if you find yourself with a few minutes to get lunch, and maybe want something with a little more character, or just like raw bars, then definitely head here. I'm more than absolutely returning and might try the clam sandwich. After all, they have "clam shack" in the name.

Two sandwiches with chips, two drinks, tax and tip came to a not terribly cheap, but entirely worth it $45.

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