The U.S. Open Food Tasting Preview 2015


The U.S. Open Food Tasting Preview 2015

If you plan to be at the U.S. Open this week, you should know what you're putting in your stomach. To help you with that, the fine people at the open invited me over to Arthur Ashe Stadium,  had me listen to a short, yet interminably long Q&A with celebrity chefs, and then sat me down and stuffed me with food, sampling the fare that you and all of the other high rollers in the club box will get to eat. No Auntie Anne's for us.

Tony Mantuano churned out Avocado Toast with pistachio and pepper alongside Tomato Bread with serrano ham and manchego cheese. There was Lobster Burrata with pickled eggplant and basil, Beef Tartare with capers, and Cassarecci, a squid ink pasta with shimp and scallops courtesy of Champions Restaurant. Chef Morimoto, as per tradition, made the sushi. Aces Restaurant provided Portobella Fries with a ponzo dipping sauce, Salmon Crudo with watercress and cucumber, and Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. Richard Sandoval made Baja Fish Tacos and Shredded Chicken Tacos along with his Maya Chopped Salad, a lettuce, tomato, and corn salad topped with grilled marinated steak. There was steak by Pat LaFrieda, brisket by Hill Country Barbecue. Food Trucks are in vogue these days, and the Sweet Chili food truck gave us a nicely spicy Honey Chili Pork while the Morris Grilled Cheese Truck showcased a Cheddar grilled cheese sandwich and a Gouda with Herb Butter and Bacon grilled cheese sandwich. Un-named heroes made Lobster Rolls and Banana Nutella Crepes.

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