110 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10005
(212) 777-2151

Ever found a spot that does just one thing and that one thing is worth returning to an awful lot? That's Porchetta. They make roast pork sandwiches. I take that back. They make A roast pork sandwich. A dry rub roast pork sandwich. Fine fine, they also do A taco on weekends. I haven't been there for that.

I stumbled on Porchetta by accident while wandering the East Village for vinyl record shops. "How hipster of you" you might be thinking. Ah, but I did it in an unironic tie. I was hungry and I didn't want neither to spend a wad of cash on a restaurant nor go cheap with fast food. And fate did not steer me wrong.

Porchetta has a few sides, but, having skipped them, I can't vouch. I can vouch for the sandwich. The salt rub was just about perfect. The meat was ultra moist. The baguette was perfect. There's nothing else there (save the beer I had). No veggies. No mayo. No sauce save the jus from the pork itself. The closest there is to a topping is the skin, which was roasted to a crisp shell that is almost impossible to describe but to suggest that you conjure up images of the pork version of the crispy chicken skin you'd devour as a kid.

Okay, so at $12 for the 'wich, it will lighten your wallet some more than a five dollar footlong will, and with a drink you should expect to cough up a solid $15. But it's worth it at least once in a while and, if you buy ten, you get one free.

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