From across the city, dozens of restaurants and tens of thousands of hungry New Yorkers converged on Prospect Park for a solid weekend of food and wine and beer and music. The weather was damp, with a light drizzle coming off and on, but that wasn't enough to keep out the picnic blankets, barbecues, little league games, and foodies away from the park. 

Last year was The Great Googa Mooga's maiden voyage and it was, by all accounts, a total snafu. Long lines, some fisticuffs, and overcrowding the likes of while even a Brooklyn hipster used to sharing a Bushwick studio had yet to see. This year, it seemed extremely smooth. The lines to get in were acceptable (shorter if you leave your bag at home because then you can skip the line to have it searched) and the lines for food were short. At worst, you waited ten minutes. Litter was nearly zero. 

If you go tomorrow, then expect to pay an average of $10 per dish and $8 per beer. There are some tables, plenty of grass, and, should you shell out a few extra bucks, a wine bar area with sofas under a huge tent to relax in, to say nothing of the live music and a mini Renaissance fair. GGM is cash only, so hit the bank before you hit the F train. The doors open at 11am and close at 8pm and there was a steady stream of people coming in and out for the few hours that we spent there.  


Restaurants each selected one dish to serve and, with dozens of restaurants participating, an entire menu exists to inhale. Fois gras doughnuts, honey fried chicken, snail and rabbit paella, lobster rolls, oysters, bratwurst, macarons, Guinness brownies with Jameson ice cream. And that's just what we ate. I won't go into all the vendors, but DBGB, DuMont, Craftbar, Crif Dogs, Blue Ribbon, Luke's Lobster, Red Hook Lobster Pound, BaoHaus, Little Muenster, M. Wells, Eataly, Vinegar Hill House, and Colicchio & Sons are just a handful of the names I can pull off the top of my head. This was a cornucopia of grub and you won't leave anything but full to the point of bursting.

UPDATE: Sadly, the weekend's rain cancelled the event on Sunday. I'm glad I was able to go and definitely hope to go again in 2014.

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