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One fine sweltering summer day you may be like me, longing for some food, dying for a spiked drink, and wondering "where, Lord, can I go escape this heat and grab some liquid sin?" Around the corner I foundeth mine answer. Ninth Ward right between 11th and 12th street. I walked in and the place had was drowning in the smell of oak and whiskey and sugar and with a hint of charred beef. A hundred degrees in the shade outside, it was cool inside and pitch black, lit only by the open door and the candles.

I returned later in the week, after a movie, with a few friends (Gloron, Mr. Dogz, Emma, and a few others who don't as yet have names). We were led out into the rear patio area and seated near their fountain. The humidity was a killer that night and if Ninth Ward has a flaw, that flaw was our waitress. I like Ninth Ward - a lot - but with the humidity and the heat, they should have had pitchers of ice water rearing to go by the dozen. Instead, no such luck. We asked and waited and re-asked and re-waited. One pitcher arrived and was instantly emptied. Our drinks were on the way, we were told. Gloron, no slouch when it comes to lending an un-asked-for hand, got up, walked over to our waitress (who spent an inordinate amount of time inside where it was cooler) and said "Hey, would you like help carrying stuff, like waters, around?" She declined.

Eventually, our drinks did come, soon followed by the food. And before you begin to feel that this one person, in tandem with our sweaty and irritable selves, ruined my opinion, I did in fact return with more friends (Seth and a friend of ours from L.A.) just the other night. And the service then was problem free.

My first meal was the Pulled Pork Sandwich, a big honkin' 'wich with potato chips, pickles (that you should totally put in the sandwich) and some slaw. It was spicy and messy and sweet and after I ate it, it sat in my stomach like a brick the way a pound of barbecue sauce coated pork should. Emma, choosing to avoid becoming quite the fat slob I'm turning into ordered only appetizers (and then shared them?!?), the Dirt Fries which were very good spicy french fries, and the Slap Ya Mamma Buffalo Wings, which were pretty average wings. I usually expect more bite from my macho misogyny-themed foodstuffs, but alas. Mr. Dogz and later on, Seth, picked up the Debris Dip, a french-dip type sandwich with shredded beef and au jus and they both thought it was fantastic. Gloron ordered the Gumbo, a chicken, sausage and shrimp stew, and though it was just okay. My friend from L.A. ordered the St. Charles Chicken Sandwich, chicken, herbed mayo and melted provolone cheese on a ciabatta roll and thought it was far better than just okay. Our table also ordered an appetizer of Fried Pickles because, once you see that on a menu, how do you not get them? They were loved by all. Upon my return, I ordered a starter of Shrimp & Andouille Skewers, grilled shrimp and andouille sausage, which was super good. I mean, it's shrimp and sausage. What's not to love.  That was followed up with the Bleu Bayou Burger, a hamburger topped with bleu cheese and chocolate covered bacon. This was heaven on a plate. 

Appetizers average $8. Entrees average $10. Beers were around $7. There's also a cocktail list filled with some fun New Orleans themed drinks that were around $12. 

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