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Schnitzel & Things. It used to be a truck, now it has a brick and mortar location, too, on Third Avenue. As a lover of schnitzels, I was excited to try this new lunch location. It exists where Kushi Q used to, before Kushi Q moved to CitiGroup Center, which is incidentally right where I work now. And so I did walk downtown to 45th Street. A bit of a schlep, but I had read good things on Midtown Lunch, who, I'll say up front, liked it more than I did.

Schnitzel & Things offers two basic types of dishes (and don't expect to eat either with an uber stein of brau.... have some iced tea): schnitzel platters and schnitzel sandwiches. Pork, chicken, cod, eggplant and veal are the varieties offered. If you get the platter, then you can mix and match your schnitzels, and get a side. If you get the sandwich, then you just get a sandwich. I, for the record, chose the sandwich option. Mostly this was because I wanted to save time and couldn't really do a whole lunch "meal". There is also a bratwurst and a burger.

I chose three sandwiches over the course of my visits. The Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich, the Pork Schnitzel Sandwich, and their odd-man-out, a Grilled Ginger Chicken Sandwich. You can choose from a small variety of free toppings from behind a Subway-esque glass window, and then choose from a small variety of extra-cost toppings and sauces. No horseradish was available, which I find shocking. The ginger chicken sandwich was the best of the bunch. It was moist and surprisingly flavorful. The pork schnitzel and the chicken schnitzel tasted identically. I challenge anyone to be able to tell them apart. I liked them in the sandwich, but feel that the thickness of the bun muted the flavor. The shop should put the schnitzels on a thinner bread. Or offer a choice of breads. I'd choose a cranberry walnut. Anyway, this way you could taste the meat rather than just get a hint of its existence.

Service was brisk, cold and disinterested, despite their being only a modest line.

Sandwiches and a drink should run you about $12. They were good, but not great. I'd go back and try the platters, and would recommend the ginger chicken to everyone. But would I go stand on line here for a half hour? No.

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