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Emma found me lost and staring at the mall-style map at the entrance to South Street Seaport. I had no idea where I was supposed to be. "Hey you," she said tugging my sleeve towards the water "I know where it is." Nelson Blue was our destination. It was just a hair off the Seaport (and so not on the map) and, from their website, seemed like a divey bar with a New Zealandy theme. I was expecting fishing junk, flags, New Zealand paraphernalia, an abundance of barely edible lamb dishes... you know, the kitchy works. All served with huge vats of beer to drown your sorrows and sooth your deck-swabbing muscles in.

Instead, what I got was an upscale corporate bar with the odd scent of both wood and swimming pool wafting through the air. The clientele was very professional, in their thirties-to-forties and drunk. Don't get me wrong, aside from the tipsy chick with the oversized bag who was repeatedly slamming herself into my back, none of this mix bothers me. Hey, they even have a real menu (though this is a real short review).

Emma and I didn't order much though. For some reason neither of us were hungry. But we wanted to go out and it just so happened that Emma had a coupon. Ka-ching! Emma ordered Nelson Blue's Mac and Cheese. It's a side dish, but man is that a large side dish. It was the same size as my entree. And it was actually very good. My choice was their Venison Chili, a hearty, thick mix of vegetables, beans and a lot of ground venison. It's not five alarm chili by any stretch, but it was quite tasty.

Nelson Blue is definitely the kind of place I can see going to when you want loud and fun, but also want business class and good food. More than your plain old happy hour pub, but less that Gramercy Tavern.

Emma and I ate and drank and drank some more and then left to go to her neighborhood to hit another bar. She threw up.

Wine averages $10 a glass. Beer averages $7 a pint. Entrees average $17. Sides average $6. Clearly, I lost my receipt.

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