West side of Fifth Avenue and 17th Street
... but who knows where it may truck off to...

The last time I ate food served to me from the side of truck it was, shall we say, a less than stellar experience. However, all lunch is not created equal and the Bistro Truck was a pleasant surprise.

I was with Bro at the time, trying and failing to find a gift for our parents when the wee pangs of hunger began to set in. We knew that lunch in the Flatiron/Gramercy area is, with rare exception, either expensive or a slice of pizza. So when bro saw Bistro truck, I figured why not. The truck's menu is Halal, so you can imagine that the Frenchbistroesque graphics are pretty much for show. Most of the dishes are Mediterranean, but there is a French twist. Sadly, by the time we got there, he had run out of a considerable portion of his ingredients. The Dijon Chicken? Gone. The Marrakesh Lamb? Gone. The coffees and espressos? Gone. I wasn't really feeling like Vegetable Tajine. Sigh.

In the end, we ordered two sandwiches. I ordered the Chicken Brochette and Bro went with the Lamb Brochette. $5 and $6 respectively. The meat was cooked from scratch on the grill, so if you were going hoping to be handed your grub in two seconds so you could then shoot off to wherever, that hope should be set free. You will be waiting. I imagine the line can get pretty long on busy days. Anyway, the sandwiches. Both were very very good. Very. Spicy, juicy, tender. The caramelized onions were a nice touch and made the meals. They were everything hot gourmet sandwiches should be. We grabbed a "seat" on the marble window of the Banana Republic the truck was parked in front of and ate. It was relaxing to silently watch people as they walked by doing their thing and gaze at the architecture of the neighborhood.

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