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Lunch, unfortunately, comes every day. And lunch is one of those meals that you really can't enjoy. I mean, unless you're important enough to "do lunch" somewhere. For the rest of us who grab lunch and take it back to work, for the rest of us who can't spend an hour and a half not at the office, and for the rest of us who are our own waiter, finding as many good lunch places as won't bore you to tears is a necessity of life. Sandwiches and salads are the mainstay and there have to be a bajillion varieties of them to keep us sane. Delectica helps to fulfill this need.

PRVixen's been working in midtown a little longer than me so she knows a few more places than I do. So after a week eating at Macchiato, she suggested a slog downtown a bit to get some grub at Delectica. On a particularly slow day, I could afford the long-ish walk over and back.

On day one, PRVixen chose the Oven Baked Salmon Salad: a baked fillet of salmon atop a bed of greens, Israeli salad, and Moroccan couscous. There are five other options you can order aside your salad instead of these two, such as mixed vegetables, beets, sweet potatoes, or breaded cauliflower. This wasn't the first time she'd ordered this salad and ordered it now because she liked it so much the last time. I didn't try any, so I can't comment personally but her opinion didn't change. I ordered the Black Forest Ham Sandwich. Although Delectica may be Israeli, it's clearly not Kosher. There's a choice of bread and I chose the seven grain. The sandwich comes with brie, honey mustard, mixed greens and tomato slices. Very good. Actually, I liked it so much that I made sure to give PRVixen a call to go again later in the week.

On day two, PRVixen ordered the Fresh Mozzarella Euro Toast. I think this is a fancy name for Panini. This particular panini-esque sandwich is slabs of mozzarella and tomato coated in basil pesto. I thought it was good, but I've never been a big one for vegetarian sandwiches. She loved it. My lunch was the Smoked Turkey Sandwich. Like the black forest ham sandwich, I asked for it on the seven grain bread. Between those slices of bread alongside the turkey, is black olive pesto, Havarti cheese, tomato, and arugula. Good, but not as good as the black forest ham sandwich. I think it's because the olive pesto lent it a bitterness that I wasn't fond of.

Delectica has some breakfast foods, plus a range of pastries and coffees and fruit smoothies in addition to it's sandwiches and salads. A co-worker of mine tried the Strawberry Fields Smoothie: strawberry, banana, and soy milk. She thought it was great, though I think soy milk is nauseating. The Carrot Cake looked so different that I had to try it. I won't get it again. It wasn't awful, but I didn't care much for it. In my opinion the frosting was bland and the cake was too dense. PRVixen couldn't put her finger on what she was tasting, but said that it overpowered the carroty-ness of the dessert.

Delectica sandwiches are $8.50. The salads cost a couple bucks more. The smoothies go for a hair under $6. The carrot cake was $3.50.

UPDATE 10/05/07:
PRVixen and I headed back for a quick bite to eat. She went again for the Mozzarella Euro Toast, but also tried a Walnut Brownie. She loved it. It was very sweet, so have it with a drink. And it was chock full of walnuts. There was almost as much walnut as chocolate. I ordered the Chicken Salad Salad. It's chicken salad (the kind with mayo) over mixed greens and I asked for it to be served with the breaded cauliflower, which was a great side dish. But the salad itself was kind of a downer.

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