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I was irritated enough at being told to wax off by Kushi Q after taking my photo the other day that I decided to try out the competition. Sticking to my Japanese theme, I picked the rice ball cafe across the street from it called Oms/b, even though rice = carbs and carbs = evil. And by evil I mean "holy crap, that's good!" Which from my diet's point of view, is bad.

Oms/b serves a large variety of omusubi, Japanese rice balls. It's a small lunch place, open during the week only until 7:30 PM, with a handful of tables for dining out of your office, even though Osm/b touts the rice ball as "food for the road" like a hamburger. Just at about one-fifth the size. I went at 1:30 and the line was out the door and into the street. Osm/b touts their lunches as health food, but I think that's a stretch. Rice being pure carbs you're pretty much eating pure sugar. But I guess at least it's natural sugar.

And anyway, I'm not here to compare a rice ball to a salad. I'm simply gonna say that I was very impressed by what I got. I went here two days in a row got six different balls. Three balls come as part of a lunch meal with miso soup. Day one, the Eel, the Eel Croquette (I love eel), and the Wasabi Shrimp. All of it was very, very good. Even the miso soup. I normally write off miso soup as generic and thin and sold cheap if not given away free as a way to bolster what would otherwise be a small meal. Not here. On day two, I ordered lunch with JDa. She got the Shrimp Pop Corn and the Spicy Tuna, which she liked, and the Wasabi Gari (a wasabi flavored rice thing) which she did not. I ordered the Ground Beef, the Chili Shrimp, and the
Football (a vinegary rice wrapped in sweet tofu). Day two was good, but not as good as day one.

A lunch combos like the ones we ate (Set A) come to $8.13 including tax. If you want to supersize your meal, you can get the largest combo available (Deluxe Set) for $9.99 plus tax. That one comes with four balls, plus four appetizers, plus pickles.

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